Monday, 26 January 2015

Naijaeforum » Promoters of election violence won’t get American visas

 Any Nigerian who promotes any form of election violence during or after election remains iineligible for US visas. 

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, who sounded the warning during a visit to Nigeria said his country is investing enormously to ensure credible elections in Nigeria.

Kerry made this statement at a news conference in Lagos, shortly after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan and Major General Mohammed Buhari.
He urged all Nigerians to help make the elections free, fair and credible.
According to the US Secretary of State, the U.S. Government, would maintain its position that any Nigerian involved in election violence would no longer be eligible for American visas.
He also stressed the need to continue campaigning for progressive democratic rule in Nigeria, stressing that all political office holders should shun all levels and forms of election violence either before, during or after the polls.
He said: “The U.S. Government strongly believe in Nigeria having credible, free and fair elections come February 14.
“The US Government wants to say that any Nigerian who promotes any form of violence during the elections remains ineligible for U.S. visa.” Kerry added. He further stated that the international community and the U.S. are keenly interested in the conduct of Nigeria’s up ccoming election.

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