Tuesday, 13 January 2015

999 Call Of A Teenage Murderer

Teenage Murderer

A murderous teenager made a chilling 999 call to emergency services after slitting the throat of a 14-year-old he had groomed online, telling operators: 'Send police and forensics'.

Lewis Daynes, described as a 'dangerous and manipulative' criminal, was jailed for life today for the murder of Breck Bednar last February. 

The 19-year-old  had invited the youngster to his home before binding his limbs with duct tape and killing him.


Lewis Daynes: 'Hi there, umm, OK. Hello, I need police and a forensics team to my address please.
Operator: 'What do you mean? What's happened?

'My friend and I got into an altercation, and I'm the only one who came out alive.

'Are you telling me you've killed somebody?

'Yes, I am.'

'Right, and who am I speaking to?'

'My name is Lewis Daynes, I am 18 years old. 

'What's actually happened?'

'My friend came to stay the night with me yesterday because he'd been feeling very down, feeling suicidal .And I woke 

up this morning, he was in a mess, I tried to calm him down. I hugged him and said that I was there for him. He 

shrugged me off.

'Don't tell me anymore. You're telling me he's definitely dead?

'Yes, I'm telling you he's dead. 

'So what happened last night?

'He came to stay with me because he was feeling down.

'What's his name?

'Breck Bednar. 

'He came to stay with you.'

'I can explain this to the officers.

'I need to take these initial details.

'I know, I know. He came to stay with me the night, I did my best to comfort him, I woke up

this morning, he was in a mess.

'Did you have an argument with him last night?'

'No, we were fine. We were both fine.

'Why did he come to stay with you?'

'Because he was fed up with his home life.He's had a lot of problems, I've known him for a longtime he came to stay

 with me. I was in Thailand last week on holiday, he was in Spain.

'OK, so you both went to bed and what's happened this morning?'

'I woke up, he was just standing up. He was in a mess, hands on his face, I got up and put my arms around him and 

said it was OK. He just shrugged me off and said "no", actually, I can't remember actually what he said. 

'He was going on about how he didn't want to go home, he was fed up with his life, and he didn't want to go.

'I have a pen knife on the side of, sorry in my room, adjacent to my bed, I have a chest of drawers, I had a pen knife on 

there folded, he picked it up, opened it, and lost control. I..'

'Slow down. So Breck grabbed it in order to harm himself?

'No in order to harm ME, he opened it, and lost control.

'I, in self-defence, put my left arm up to block him from stabbing me effectively, we struggled,

'I got him to the ground, he got up, I got the knife... (sighs, Ok)...Can you not interrupt me with this part?

'This is being recorded anyway isn't it?'


'I grabbed the knife and I stabbed him once in the back of the neck, I believe, somewhere near the brain stem. He 

turned around, tried to carry it on, and I think I stumbled on my chest of drawers. I fell over, I got back up, backed away 

and, I don't remember exactly what happened but the fight ended with me cutting his throat.

'I believe I turned around and I slashed his throat. He fell face first on my bed, I tried to stop the bleeding, he fell onto t

the floor and I couldn't stop it. His throat was properly cut.

'And he's still on the floor?'


'He fell onto the bed face first, I was trying to compress the wound at that time.'

'Lewis are you still in the room where Breck is?'


'Where are you?'

'Look, this, OK, Don't interrupt me just let me explain this if this is being recorded. I didn't know what to do, I felt like...

'Is the house where you are also where Breck is?'

'Yes. I felt like taking my own life. I don't remember what happened after that, all I know is I dropped the knife in the 

hallway. I stripped down and then sat in the shower.

'You've left the weapon in the hallway and have spent how long sitting in the shower?

'I don't know. Are the police on their way? I can hear sirens.

'They are, they are.

'I'm going to go and do my part. Thank you for your help.'

Today it emerged Daynes, who will spend at least 25 years behind bars, was accused of raping another teenager in 2011 but never faced conviction. 

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